Eclectic Duo : “Andro & Satyakam”

Andro & Satyakam; a stringed duo creating new music with diverse music styles from around the globe with influences from genres like: Indian, Afro, Blues, Jazz, celtic & gipsy music music 

The NOO Ones

The band “the NOO Ones” consists out of five musicians from very different musical backgrounds living in the Netherlands:

Klaas Hekman (The Netherlands)), initiator of creating the band, – bass saxophone, flute, piccolo, shakuhachi
Andro Biswane (Suriname) – guitar
Alan Purves (Schotland) – percussion
Joost Buis (The Netherlands) – trombone
Satyakam Mohkamsing (India) – (Indian) violin
WU Wei (China) – Sheng

Website: NOO Ones


Chameleon brings a mix between Indian violin, gamelan keyboard, mbira and darbuka in a concert with innovative world music. The genres ranging from classical music to improvised world music.

Sinta Wullur – gamelan keyboard, vocals, composition
Satyakam Mohkamsing – Indian violin
Debby Korfmacher – m’bira, vocals
Alper Kekec – Percussion

Website: Chameleon